Kigurumi Measurements

Large or Small, We've Got a Kigurumi For You

Our regular onesies will be a good fit if you're at least 5 feet tall. If you're around 6 feet tall -- give our take a few inches -- you may find our XL size to be more comfortable.

Kigurumi will fit differently on different people, but they look flattering on everybody -- we promise.

Adult Kigurumi Measurement Details

Kigurumi Measurements


Kids Kigurumi Measurement Details

Our Kids Kigurumi come in one size - 51 in (130cm) which is generally suited for 5 to 9 year olds. This measurement is taken from the top of the hood to the ankle cuff.




Our Kigurumi are made out of high-quality, soft, polyester fleece. The fabric will keep you warm and cozy, and the fun of wearing your favorite animal will give you energy.

The wrist and ankle cuffs on all of our kigurumi are elasticized.


Animal Kigurumi (Such as the Tabby Cat, Dinosaur, Fox, etc.) come with side pockets along the side of the Kigurumi. But Character Kigurumi (Such as the Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Rilakkuma, etc.) DO NOT come with side pockets, unless noted in the product description.

Machine Washable

All of our Kigurumi are machine washable and can stand repeated cleanings without losing their shape.